About Us

The American Dream

You may be thinking of the typical American scenario, a nice house, a couple of new cars, married to a beautiful wife with a couple of wonderful kids, and a vacation twice a year. These are wonderful goals and very much a part of the American dream, but I think it goes so much deeper than this.
Think with me for just a minute. Why did you first start looking into starting your own trucking company? Was it just to try and make some fast cash? Or was it about forging your own path and building a better life? The American spirit promotes a sense of drive and a desire to do better for your family and those around you! That’s how you ended up here. You want more out of this American experience. You are defying the odds stacked against you. You are breaking the cycle of working 9-5 for someone else who limits your full potential. You want to build the true American dream and take your life to the next level! You have a sense of independence and a will to develop your own business! This is the American dream, and Buckeye Trailers is here to help make sure you build a successful company and achieve your American Dream.

The Buckeye Trailer Dream

Growing up on a farm, I was always taught the value of hard work! My father instilled in me the importance of pursuing my dreams. From a young age, manufacturing and fabrication captured my attention. I dreamed of creating my own product and starting a company. In 2016 that dream became a reality when Buckeye Trailers was founded. Our company is located in rural northeast Ohio, historically the steel center of the United States. Buckeye Trailers’ first goal was to build a wedge car trailer that would withstand the abuse of the commercial trucking industry. Those early years were exciting. Much time was spent dreaming and perfecting our trailers. Things certainly did not come easy, but through hard work, determination, and persistence, the company has flourished. Today we are excited to be an emerging company with an outstanding product. We are forging our way in this very competitive industry. You can count on the Buckeye Trailers to imagine and manufacture an exceptional product!